VOX Femina Los Angeles is committed to giving life to existing works and providing opportunities for living composers.

The 20th season’s three subscription concerts include commissions by composers Christina Whitten Thomas and Jocelyn Hagen, and choreographer Sarah Swenson of Vox Dance Theatre.


Since its inception in 1997, VOX has sustained its commitment to commissioning new works, collaborating with over 40 contemporary composers, three in the current season alone. In the past five years, VOX has participated in the ACDA Women's Commissioning Consortium, which has commissioned an unprecedented 15 new works. In addition to the commissioning of new works, dozens of pieces have been arranged specifically for VOX. 

One with the Wind, composed by David O, with text and lyrics by David O and Larissa Fasthorse, was sponsored by VOX alumna Donna Burroughs in honor of her wife, Maureen Peterson, in the 2014-2015 season. Read the fascinating story behind the commission!

Composer Christina Whitten Thomas with founding member Mary Read.