Delivery between Friday, December 18th

and Sunday, December 20th

An all-time favorite VOX tradition - but with a 2020 twist!

Due to restrictions on gathering and social distancing this year, we cannot deliver our Singing Holiday Grams in the same way we have always done them - but we have come up with a brand way to reach out to your loved ones this year!

Choose from five unique e-card designs, and we will embed a brand new VOX Virtual choir version of the classic holiday tune 'Winter Wonderland' directly into the card. Add a personal greeting and know that you are sending a gift unlike any other that they will receive this year!

It’s like a stocking stuffer…but way cooler!

$20 each or 3 for $50!

All proceeds support the mission and music of VOX!

Once you've made your payment, click "Return to" and you will be directed to complete an order form where you can choose between the 5 unique e-cards and write your personal greeting: