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Comedian Jennie McNulty has been proclaimed as "One of the premiere comedians in the country," by The New England Blade. On February 12th, VOX is lucky enough to have her back again as the Emcee for our 2020 Cabaret!

Check out Jennie's answers to come of our burning questions below:

VOX: When did you realize you enjoyed making people laugh?


JM: Everyone in my family has a really good sense of humor (or, at least, we think we do!) so laughing was always encouraged in my house.  And, I remember making my friends laugh growing up either just by joking around or doing accents or imitating Carol Burnett or SNL skits.  I also hated when there was discord around me (still do).  Yelling stresses me out (unless it's at some sporting event on TV) so I think I tried to make people laugh to keep things nice and keep my own stress levels down.

VOX: Stand-up comedy has traditionally been a male-dominated world. Do you think this is beginning to change, in this #MeToo era? 


JM: It's still very male dominated but, what field isn't, lol?  And, there are still an unfortunate amount of people that think "chicks aren't funny."  But the more we keep going and just keep working, the more success we have.  The more our voices are heard - in any field - the more progress we make.  And, yes, it has gotten better over the long time I've been at it, but, I think the #MeToo movement really pushed it along and changed a lot of things.  It was a tipping point of frustration that has empowered us all.  From the big things to the "little things" we're just not putting up with it anymore.  


VOX: As one of the nation's top lesbian comics, you've headlined many LGBTQ events and pride festivals throughout the country. How has your identity as a lesbian informed your comedy? 


JM: Well, I came out late in life and I had already been doing comedy.  And, I think coming out later sometimes makes you come out louder.  So, once I came out in life, I came out on stage and it opened up not only a whole new area of places to work (the Prides, Festivals, etc) but a whole new wealth of material.  Not to mention my life making more sense.  


VOX: What was it like entertaining troops in Afghanistan, Iran, etc.?


JM: They were, without question, the most rewarding shows I've ever done.   I really felt like I was doing something to help out.  They all kept thanking us for "taking our minds off of where we are."  It put so much in perspective.  Our military's men and women are really amazing people.  And, over the years, I met a lot of them.  For me, it was so exciting to be there. I got tours of the bases and cities; rode to gigs in Blackhawk helicopters and, even got to fire an M16 (the enemy had nothing to fear from me.  I might be able to nail a joke but a target at 50 feet away?...)  But, then, after all that fun, I got to go back home again.  Sometimes I think about all those young kids (or grandparents that were in the reserves!) that I performed for.  And, I realize that some didn't make it back.  Or, perhaps, worse still, made it back and end up taking their own lives.  I can honestly say that doing those gigs really opened my eyes to a lot of things.  

Don't miss Jennie McNulty at the VOX Femina Cabaret on February 12th at the Catalina Bar & Grill. Click HERE for tickets!