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Due to the overwhelming response to this online music event,
VOX is pleased to continue the revolution!
Access to the ground-breaking film is available NOW!

Shout the Revolution!

General Admission - $10


What happens when women take power? L.A.’s premier women’s chorus examines that question in an ambitious film! Through lyrics and narration based on the words of the women on the front lines of the Suffragist movement, VOX creates a dynamic visual and aural story of both the past and present in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment. Featuring the Suffrage Cantata, a brand-new choral commission from celebrated composer Andrea Ramsey, which captures the struggle for women's right to vote through women's voices, piano, strings, and percussion, seamlessly blended with historical images and footage, this event is essential viewing for these turbulent times, inspiring us all to use our voices and VOTE! 

Check out a sneak peek behind the scenes, as well as a short clip of the film below:

Here are just a few of the things our audience has said about this film:

"HOLY MOLY!  This is fantastic.  Congratulations to all of you!  This is truly a triumph of the spirit for women’s rights and for making great art in the midst of a pandemic.  Music transcends.  I am SO moved.  This film should be a part of everyone’s education from now on.

~ Ron Kean

"What a WOW. Absolutely amazing, educational, entertaining, relevant (to say the least). This is such an important piece for EVERYONE to view for so many reasons on so many levels. THANK YOU!!!"

~ Noble Gold

"This was a wonderful cantata. The narration was instructional and absorbing and beautifully delivered by the composer. Intensely emotional, this video should be available widely. Love the music. Appreciated the natural inclusiveness of various populations in the struggle." 

~ Ginny Atherton

To check out the full Digital Playbill for Shout the Revolution!, please click HERE.

VOX's online music event features two pieces: the contemporary a cappella piece, What Happens When a Woman, written by Alexandra Olsavsky and arranged by Artemisia Vocal Trio, and the world film premiere of the Suffrage Cantata, by composer Andrea Ramsey, a five-movement work that documents the early history of the suffrage movement.


Composer Notes on

the Suffrage Cantata

Historical Text Sources for the Suffrage Cantata

Composer Andrea Ramsey

VOX Founding Artistic Director discusses giving voice

to women of color in the suffrage movement.

Composer Andrea Ramsey on the continued importance of the Suffrage Cantata's message.

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Behind the scenes, filming the chamber orchestra and soloists and Zipper Concert Hall, Colburn School

VOX's Founding Artistic Director was interviewed about the unique process for creating this online music event by the San Francisco Classical Voice.


In the interview she gives some insight into the process, saying, “Helen (Mendoza, the producer) put a proposal together, including [having] an audio engineer and we set out to make this work so that I would continue to have weekly rehearsals with singers via Zoom. The singers also submitted their own audio recordings and we had instrumental rehearsals at Colburn School’s Zipper Hall, where we were able to socially distance. The singers all went out to various iconic locations dressed in concert attire [and] they lip-synched. It looks like they’re singing but they are not.” To read the entire interview, click HERE.

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Also featuring What Happens When a Woman by Alexandra Olsavsky and Artemisia Vocal Trio

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