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Justice Choir

Experience the transformative power of music with VOX Femina Los Angeles Women's Choir's Justice Choir program. Join our community at VOX Femina Los Angeles Women's Choir and discover how the Justice Choir program is changing lives through the power of song.

Empowering Voices, Inspiring Change:
VOX Femina Los Angeles Women's Choir's Justice Choir Program

  • Foster a sense of identity and confidence through the Justice Choir program

  • Empower young people to make a difference in their classrooms and communities

  • Engage in meaningful conversations around social justice issues

  • Benefit from the expertise of experienced Teaching Artists, Kyle Denman, Heather Leppard, Molly Burnside, and Damon Carter

  • Strengthen teamwork, develop new skills, and perform in a successful vocal ensemble

Kyle Denman
Enrichment Programs Coordinator, 
New Village Girls Academy

In its inaugural year, the Justice Choir program really changed the game for the campus culture at [our] school. Not only did it bring young people closer together… but it helped the young people who were participating build a sense of identity and build a sense of confidence in themselves, that not only were they able to take to the stage, but they were able to take back into their classrooms and back into their communities.

Heather Leppard
Music Teacher, 
Girls Academic Leadership Academy

It’s been really special for us to participate in Justice Choir… the conversations we’ve had with the students have just been really, really beautiful. Our students are very social justice oriented and giving them further voice for that has been really meaningful and special for us.

Molly Burnside, Justice Choir Teaching Artist

Molly Burnside-Vox Femina.jpg

Molly Burnside is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach and the Royal College of Music, London with a Bachelors and Masters in Music and Vocal Performance. Molly performs as a mezzo-soprano with the Los Angeles Opera Chorus and has taught voice and piano privately for the past seven years. She grew up singing with her family and was lucky enough to enjoy her dad’s record collection from Rossini to The Four Tops. Molly’s love of singing, performance, music, and education lead her to discover a passion to help others to find their own voice and to expand their love and knowledge of music. She is beyond excited to join Vox Femina and their educational outreach team as an Assistant Teaching Artist within the Justice Choir.

Damon Carter, Justice Choir Teaching Artist

Damon Carter is a former K-12 public school music teacher and choral director of 20 years. He currently works as a music producer, and music director with various theatre companies. Mr. Carter is excited to work with the Justice Choir this spring, developing new skills and teamwork for a successful vocal ensemble.

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