Music Education

The Music Education program was a long-hoped-for goal initiated during the 2016-2017 school year with the objectives of offering free music programming to under-resourced students; introducing students to the choral art form; and paving the way for the next generation of choral music lovers. These programs have since grown in scope and reach, serving over 1400 students in 14 public schools during the pre-pandemic school year with its five-tiered program.


VOX offers the following programming to interested schools and students:

Music Enrichment Program

Choir Mentorship Program

Choral Scholar Program

Concert for Youth

Youth Choir Festival

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Assistant conductor Lori Marie Rios leads the Music Enrichment Program with students from New Village Girls Academy.

Music Enrichment Program

VOX collaborates with middle schools and high schools in under-resourced LA communities, offering pre-concert, interactive workshops at the school site, introducing students to the fundamentals of choral music, and offering free tickets to VOX concerts, as well as busses to the Concert for Youth. For this program, VOX partners with schools with little or no music programming available to their students.

VOX offers its Choir Mentorship Program to middle school and high school choirs, including a free set of scores to a piece in VOX’s season repertoire; a workshop conducted by VOX’s Assistant Conductor as the choir rehearses the piece for its own performance; and free attendance at a VOX concert to hear the same piece of music performed by VOX. The program affords existing school choirs an opportunity to learn from a different conductor, to sing alongside a group of exceptional VOX singers and to see where they can go with their singing beyond their school choirs.

Choir Mentorship Program

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Founding Artistic Director Dr. Iris Levine works with students from Ramona Convent Secondary School as part of the Choir Mentorship Program.

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Assistant conductor Lori Marie Rios with the VOX 2019 Choral Scholars

"Vox gave me a lot of confidence in my musical skills and I learned new singing skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life."
- Culver City Middle School Students

Choral Scholar Program

VOX’s Choral Scholar Program offers qualified high school applicants the opportunity to rehearse and perform with VOX, including one-on-one mentorship by VOX’s Assistant Conductor for 12 weeks. Participation in VOX’s June concert marks the culmination of the program.

"It was wonderful from start to finish! VOX rehearsals were the most efficiently and expertly run practices I've ever experienced and also the most fun, and that's a balance that VOX, and especially Iris, has shown me is attainable. I'm a better person and singer for having been surrounded by such awesome, talented, kind women!” 
-Lucy Brooke, Choral Scholar
Choral Scholars 2018.webp

Assistant Conductor Lori Mari Rios and Artistic Director Iris Levine with three of our 2018 Choral Scholars


Concert For Youth

A weekday concert during school hours, the Concert for Youth is conducted by VOX's Assistant Conductor and features the full chorus singing 50 minutes of repertoire, along with relevant commentary to engage and enlighten the students about choral music. Over 800 public school students from all over LA County are bussed to the beautiful sanctuary of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, and are treated to a demonstration by renowned organist Christoph Bull on the world’s largest church pipe organ. Study guides with details about the concert repertoire are provided to teachers prior to the concert.


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Youth Choir Festival

VOX is excited to launch its first annual Youth Choir Festival in April of 2023. The festival will offer six high school treble choirs the opportunity to perform a 15-minute set of repertoire for a panel of adjudicators. Each choir will receive constructive feedback from all three adjudicators, followed by a workshop with one of the adjudicators to perfect the ensemble’s choral tone as well as other musical elements from their performance.