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Joan Potter


Friends can lead you along paths you might miss, and that was my experience with Vox Femina back in 2001.  Bettie Teel was asked to be on the Vox Board by Stacy Poston, the co-founder.  Bettie declined, but put forward my name as a recent retiree who might have both the time and interest.  I did have both and was delighted to be asked.  (Thankfully, Bettie joined the board a year later and was the asset they knew she would be.)

Twenty years ago the operation was run mostly by volunteers, and those volunteers were the board members.  We did have the services of an office manager, but most of the tasks so ably performed today by Rebecca Wink and Joanna Mitchell  were done by amateurs.  It was challenging and rewarding; we bonded like family, worked together and felt appreciated.  I look back on that time very fondly.

Who, but the singers and Iris and Lisa Edwards get to witness a concert being born?  Well, I did. I sat in on Tuesday night rehearsals and watched miracles as the music went from its first run through to dress rehearsal, then the big nights (back then, sometimes more than one.)  That was a gift that has never been duplicated and never will.


By the way, the photo shows me as I appear 90% of the time.  I do enjoy being out in the yard.

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