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VOX Ends 20th Season on a High Note!

VOX Femina concluded its uplifting 20th Season with even more exciting events! VOX had opportunities to participate in the first-ever Women's Choir Symposium, sing at the Chorus America Concert, and perform in the Walt Disney Concert Hall for the first time!

Women's Choir Symposium

During conferences and festivals, there is never enough time for choral groups to get to know one another. As an effort to establish these relations, the Women's Choir Symposium 2017 was created. The first-ever Women's Choir Symposium offered conductors of adult women's choirs an opportunity to share their collective knowledge strengthen the existing network. Spanning over two days, choral groups from all over the globe came to the Colburn School of Music to share voice building skills, meals, and a love for choral music! The workshop was filled to capacity and was a huge success! Special thanks to all that helped organize and to all participants!

All attendees at the Women's Choir Symposium

Chorus America Concert

VOX's performances at Chorus America had the whole crowd cheering and inspired! Hosted by the Los Angeles Master Chorale, the 2017 Chorus America Conference on June 21st featured performances that showcased the vibrant diversity of the LA choral music scene including VOX Femina!

GMCLA's I Rise Concert in Walt Disney Concert Hall

For the final show of the 20th Season, VOX Femina was thrilled to join GMCLA and more than 200 members of Southern California choirs in two performances at Walt Disney Concert Hallon Saturday, July 8. Artistic Director and Founder, Dr. Iris Levine noted "20 years ago, VOX sang our very first concert as guests of GMCLA at the Alex Theatre. Saturday was our first time singing in Walt Disney Concert Hall, and we are so incredibly grateful that once again, we had GMCLA standing with us."

VOX is so grateful to have participated in these events with all of the inspiring people who were a part of them. We can't wait for our 21st season!

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