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Read the program notes from our upcoming concert, Heavenly Bodies!

Humans have found endless inspiration in the heavens: the stars, the moon, the sun, the planets. We’ve created countless mythologies and works of art, we’ve created spacecraft to explore their mysteries. Perhaps you’ve heard it said that when we look up at the stars we are looking back in time. Though light travels quickly, the distance in space is vast. When we look at objects that are so very far away, the light that is hitting us now will have started from the object a long time ago. In the heavens there are endless possibilities: we see our past and our future, and we look up to be steadied and guided by their timelessness. On March 4th, VOX offers a concert of music that explores the beauty and wonder of these celestial bodies.

Click HERE to read more from Holley Replogle-Wong's wonderful program notes for Heavenly Bodies.

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