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Season 22 is Fired Up and ready to go!

Updated: Feb 25

With just two weeks to go until our SOLD OUT November concert, VOX is ready to kick off Season 22 with a bang!

The first concert of the season is a collaboration between VOX Femina and legendary activist singer-songwriter Holly Near, with Tammy Hall and Jan Martinelli, featuring songs of protest, unity, and hope. Just two days before the upcoming mid-term elections, VOX hopes that this will help energize the audience about the importance of social justice issues and carry them all the way to the polls!

Holly Near has been singing for a more equitable world for well over 50 creative years. She is an insightful storyteller through her music, committed to keeping the work rooted in contemporary activism. Holly released her 31st album in 2018.

One of the most powerful, consistent, and outspoken singers of our time, her concerts elevate spirits and inspire activism. A skilled performer, Holly is an outspoken ambassador for peace who brings to the stage a unique integration of world consciousness, spiritual discovery, and theatricality.

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