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Saunder Choi is a Los Angeles-based Filipino composer and choral artist. As a tenor, he maintains an active singing schedule in Southern California. He regularly sings with the L.A. Choral LabPacific Chorale, Horizon Chamber Choir, C3LA: Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles, the Hex Ensemble and Tonaliy. He serves as teaching artist for the Los Angeles Master Chorale’s Voices Within and Oratorio Project. As a SAG-AFTRA session singer, he sang in the soundtrack of Disney’s The Lion King (2019) live action remake, Disney’s Mulan (2020) live action remake, The Call of the Wild (2020), and others. 


He is currently Director of Music at Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica. Born in Manila, Philippines, Saunder holds degrees from De La Salle University – Manila, Berklee College of Music, and the USC Thornton School of Music. 

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Our Streets, a Symphony Again
Premiering at the 2022-2023 concert, Made in LA: Identity and Belonging in the City of Angels
SSA Choir and Piano


the sunset strip 

echoes. jacarandas bloom bright 

after barren months.

our streets will symphony again

wild beyond gardens,

blaze honey disco

french horns & orange sherbet glow.

you, dear, never stopped

being a proud march, a palm 

frond in ragged wind —

yes, you curled up

in last winter’s hush.

this city threads our lonely 

heartbeats, a plastic oasis of skin

sweaty in starlight.

but now it’s time for

gogo boots & guitar strings, 

rooftop pools & history between your lips

like a cold margarita 

while the hot asphalt 


west hollywood a song:

equal parts party and protest.

one sings into the other.

it’s time to line each boulevard anew

with our delicious strangeness,

to glitter every tree.

won’t you walk with me?

my glam aunts, my ferocious uncles,

my frankest friends — my chosen family,

look at all that we have lost

and all that survives.

Words from Saunder Choi:

"Our Streets, a Symphony Again is a setting of the playful poem Too early to celebrate? by current West Hollywood poet laureate Brian Sonia-Wallace. The piece was commissioned by VOX Femina Los Angeles for their March 2023 concert – Made in LA: Identity and Belonging in the City of Angels – a concert that celebrates the city’s diversity.


The poem was commissioned by the city of West Hollywood as it began to reopen from COVID restrictions. It was written as a collaborative work that includes words and memories of its diverse residents answering the questions: What does “reopening” mean? What’s the same/different? How does history fit at that particular time and space?

The text’s ability to capture the city’s history of harboring the LGBTQ+ community spoke to me as a gay immigrant who has found home in Los Angeles – a place where I am fully able to celebrate my different intersectionalities. Moreover, as someone who was holed up in LA for the entirety of the lockdown, the poem perfectly encapsulates the post-pandemic anticipation, excitement, and uncertainty that we all experiences."

Our Streets
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